Dan Englesson

Bananas are for monkeys, the A* - algorithm


Course: TNM066 - Computer Models of Cognitive Processes


Bananas are for monkeys" was implemented in OpenGL and the jungle layout can be modified by changing a text file with integer numbers which represents grass, stone or tree. The A*-algorithm is based on how much it costs to travel to a neighboring cell. There are two types of costs in the A*-algorithm and these two are that it costs less to go in the direction to the target destination and the other cost is how easy the terrain is to travel through for example it cost more to travel over stones and in a forest than it takes to travel on open land.

Course contents

This course will examine several films to explore the tricks of the trade. We will examine contemporary films, which use techniques that have been taught throughout the programme. The guest lecturers from industry will represent different stages of the SFX production ranging from research and development to compositing of final sequences. The learning outcomes of this course are as follows:

  • search algorithms, characteristics of state spaces and search heuristics Knowledge representation, including semantic networks, frames and logic-based models for well-defined domains.
  • Natural language processing - various levels of language processing.
  • Learning. How a computer program can by itself extend its knowledge.
  • Planning. Algorithms for creating plans to achieve a given goal.
  • Expert systems, which function as experts in a narrow domain.

Full course information: TNM066 - Computer Models of Cognitive Processes