Dan Englesson

PIC/FLIP Fluid simulation


Course: TSBK03 - Advanced game programming


We have implemented a PIC/FLIP fluid simulation method, based on Zhu and Bridson's paper "Animating sand as a fluid", which is a hybrid method that uses the best of the Lagrangian way and the Eulerian way of simulating fluids. The PIC/FLIP fluid simulation was implemented on the CPU and was multithreaded with OpenMP for speed. Improved blobbies was implemented to create a signed distance field to be able to create a mesh of the fluid with the marching cube algorithm. The obj-files were imported into 3D studio Max and rendered with mental ray.

Breaking dam PIC/FLIP with collision Object

Breaking dam FLIP

Breaking dam PIC

Course contents

  • Computer Graphics: Buffering. Shadows. Shader Programming. Particle Systems.
  • Physics: Kinetics and kinematics. Rigid bodies. Deformable bodies. Animation.
  • AI: Search, behavior, state machines, AI for different game genres.
  • Networks: Principles for network games. Netlag.
  • Other: Quaternions for rotation. GPU computing.

Full course information: TSBK03 - Advanced game programming