Dan Englesson

Modelling and Animation


Course: TNM079 - Modelling and animation

Implicit surfaces and level sets

The second part of the lab session was about implicit surfaces and Level sets. Implicit quadric surfaces where implemented, for example ellipsoids, cones and planes. Three different boolean operations where implemented and they were union, intersection and difference. These boolean operations where improved by introducing super-elliptic blending with density functions which removes the C0 continuity problem at intersection edges. Implementation of the gradient and curvature for an implicit surface was also implemented.

For the level set implementation, operations such as erosion and dilation was implemented using Godunov scheme by using an upwind scheme. Parabolic diffusion and hyperbolic advection was implemented and calculated with a central difference scheme for the diffusion and an upwind scheme for the advection.

Course contents

  • Representations of surfaces in 3D
  • Triangular meshes in modeling
  • Mesh decimation
  • Implicit modeling
  • The level-set method in computer graphics and modeling
  • Splines and subdivision surfaces
  • Physics based simulation and animation of fluids.

Full course information: TNM079 - Modelling and Animation