Dan Englesson

Monte-Carlo renderer with Photon mapping


Course: TNCG15 - Advanced Global Illumination and Rendering


A stochastic monte-carlo renderer was implemented on the CPU with photon maps for global illumination and caustics. The renderer handles perfect and diffuse reflections, refractions with caustics, global illumination with photon maps, implicit and polygonal surfaces and area light sources. We also included OpenMP to distribute the calculations over all CPUs for a significant speedup.

Course contents

  • optics and light
  • ray tracing and radiosity algorithms
  • Monte Carlo sampling and integration
  • general strategy for solving the rendering equation
  • stochastic path tracing
  • introduction to finite element methods
  • matrix and progressive radiosity
  • mesh generation for radiosity
  • complex scenes
  • clustering
  • photon mapping and caustics
  • perception and display
  • trends and future research

Full course information: TNCG15 - Advanced Global Illumination and Rendering