Dan Englesson



Course: TNM085 - Modelling Project


The basic algorithms for simulating mass-spring systems were first implemented in MATLAB to get all the physics and math working and it was later implemented in C++ and OpenGL. A GUI was created using GTK+ to simplify for parameter changes. For better stability in the mass-spring system, diagonal springs were added as well as a better integration method than Euler integration, namely the Verlet integration method, was added.

Course contents

This course will examine several films to explore the tricks of the trade. We will examine contemporary films, which use techniques that have been taught throughout the programme. The guest lecturers from industry will represent different stages of the SFX production ranging from research and development to compositing of final sequences. The learning outcomes of this course are as follows:

  • perform computer animation of dynamic systems, work in a group that chooses and applies appropriate tools in particular in physical modelling, simulation, system theory and programming in order to solve a broader problem.
  • formulate, organize and plan a project work.
  • be confident in oral presentation of technical work.
  • be able to describe the work in a technical rapport.

Full course information: TNM085 - Modelling Project