Dan Englesson



Course: TNM061 - 3-D Computer Graphics


V.I.K.I.N.G.S is a short movie created in Blender3D which is about three vikings on a voyage with their longship and sails right into the gap of a fierce sea monster and will have to fight bravely to survive. Since there was little time to model, texture and animate the short movie some more time would have made it better, especially the animations, which is lacking some additional animation steps. However deadlines are deadlines and we learnt a lot about making animated movies and how much time and planning it takes to make them.

Course contents

  • 3D modeling: polygon meshes, various forms of parametric curves and surfaces. Surface properties, texture and bump mapping. Environment mapping. Anti-aliasing.
  • Global illumination models: raytracing, radiosity, hybrid methods and stochastic methods.
  • Animation: keyframing, inverse kinematics, physical modeling, motion capture. Graphics programming, real time graphics, graphics hardware.

Full course information: TNM061 - 3-D Computer Graphics